The Ethan Allen School was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.[155]. Allen and Arnold reached an accommodation privately, the essence of which was that Arnold and Allen would both be at the front of the troops when they attacked the fort. [87] Unknown to Allen, British prisoners now included General Prescott, captured trying to escape from Montreal, and the letter came into the hands of the British cabinet. [7] He had five brothers (Heman, Heber, Levi, Zimri, and Ira) and two sisters (Lydia and Lucy). Ethan Allen: Patriot, Land Promoter or Turncoat? [61], Allen, shortly after Arnold's departure on the raid, decided, after his successes at the southern end of the lake, to take and hold Fort St. John himself. The brevet rank, however, meant that there was no active role, until called, for Allen. One question…why did Allen want Vermont to become a Crown province after all he’d been through with the British? His wife was rigidly religious, prone to criticizing him, and barely able to read and write.

You say “wild, hard-drinking mountain men,” and “obnoxious blowhard” like those are bad things. A sentry blocked their way and Allen knocked aside the soldier’s musket while the Green Mountain Boys clambered over the fort’s walls shouting, “No quarter!”  Allen pointed his sword at a British soldier and demanded the location of the fort’s commander. [28] Duane visited Allen and offered him payments "for going among the people to quiet them". Arnold then began asserting his authority over Allen for control of Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Allen's two youngest sons went on to graduate from West Point and serve in the United States Army. He was the brother of Ira Allen and the father of Frances Allen. [130][131], Allen and his family moved to Burlington in 1787, which was no longer a small frontier settlement but a small town, and much more to Allen's liking than the larger community that Bennington had become. Although Ethan Allen does not recommend the use of polishes on our products, we do understand that, from time to time, you may want to use a polish when cleaning your furniture. In the end, I suspect he actually felt his ego rather gratified by the British view of him as something of a notable figure and by their demand of the equivalency of a colonel, if I remember rightly, for his exchange. On 14 May, he was breveted a colonel in the Continental Army in "reward of his fortitude, firmness and zeal in the cause of his country, manifested during his long and cruel captivity, as well as on former occasions,"[93] and given military pay of $75 per month. The isolated British garrison of about 50 men was not even aware that a war had started with the American colonies. The Ethan Allen Homestead Museum Visit the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, the historic home of Vermont''s founder, Ethan Allen and his wife Fanny, built in 1787. Who Was Ethan Allen? Two of Henry Hitchcock's sons were Henry Hitchcock and Ethan Allan Hitchcock. Allen threatened to “Lay all Durham in Ashes and leave every person in it a Corpse.”  You have to give the man points for directness. It should be pointed out that Ethan et al owned nearly 80,000 acres–most of it along Lake Champlain in the area of Burlington–and had plans for more than just selling it to settlers. But the only thing Arnold did at Fort Ticonderoga was tag along for the glory.

[106] Allen and Levi engaged in a war of words, many of which were printed in the Connecticut Courant, even after Levi crossed British lines. Montgomery, likely not wanting the troublemaker in his camp, again sent him out, this time to raise a regiment of French-speaking Canadiens. [85] Allen wrote of the voyage that he "was put under the power of an English Merchant from London, whose name was Brook Watson: a man of malicious and cruel disposition". [30], Many historians believe that Allen took these actions[clarification needed] because he already held Wentworth grants of his own, although there is no evidence that he was issued any such grants until after he had been asked to take up the defense at the trial. Most of these incidents did not involve bloodshed, although individuals were at times manhandled, and the Green Mountain Boys sometimes did extensive property damage when driving tenants out. When Allen and his men landed above St. John and scouted the situation, they learned that a column of 200 or more regulars was approaching. He demanded command of the attack. [57] The only casualty had been a British soldier who became concussed when Allen hit him with a cutlass, hitting the man's hair comb and saving his life. Allen’s reputation for somewhat lunatic behavior grew during his time as a prisoner of war in a series of locations including on board British ships, England, Ireland, and Long Island. Notwithstanding that Allen might have had something of the insubordinate, lawless frontier spirit in his composition ... he appeared to me to be a man of generosity and honor. [49] Allen agreed to help and began rounding up the Green Mountain Boys,[50] and 60 men from Massachusetts and Connecticut met with Allen in Bennington on 2 May, where they discussed the logistics of the expedition. Ethan Allen played an integral role in the American Revolution. To that end, he and about 100 Boys climbed into four bateaux, and began rowing north. The inscription read:[140], In 1858, the Vermont Legislature authorized the placement of a 42-foot (13 m) column of Vermont granite in the cemetery, with the following inscription:[142], The exact location within the cemetery of his remains is unknown. [5] The family moved to the town of Cornwall shortly after his birth due to his father's quest for freedom of religion during the Great Awakening. To read up on them yourself, check out, Revolutionary Outlaws:  Ethan Allen and the Struggle for Independence on the Early American Frontier, by Michael A. Bellesiles, or Ethan Allen: His Life and Times, by Willard Sterne Randall. By a wide margin, Seth Warner was elected to lead the regiment. All of the images in this collection are copyright free in the United States and any country that extends copyrights up to 70 years after the death of the original artist making them in the public domain and free to use in your next scrapbook page, notecard or other craft projects. By opening their arms toward Congress, the Vermont negotiators lost their advantage with the British. Allen affirmed the perfection of God and His creation, and credited intuition as well as reason as a way to bring Man closer to the universe. So what is his legacy?

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