Mr. Perry asks for sympathy while he shares a nice fact about his Maserati. Bonus: when musicians rise to prominence then lecture the common folk, that interpretation also applies! This is for anyone who grew up on WWF. I hope you treat this post with all of the respect it deserves (none) and mail us your angry comments and personal attacks!

I'll take the firmest path; ooh, and I must refuse your testOh push me and I will resist...This behavior's not uniqueI don't want to hear from those who knowThey can buy, but can't put on my clothes. I wanted to include at least one song in this list which no one has ever considered in their own finance-related money list before. What's your name? The Million Dollar Man (also known as Ted Dibiase) was a wrestler who was known for stirring up all kinds of controversy via buying other wrestlers out with all of his money. Note: Until Mr. 101 Centavos emailed us, we had Joe Perry here.

(Who's your daddy? We're biased though. Typical "born on third base thinks he hit a triple" type scenario going on here, folks. Acquire funds, ditch sycophants. Well, just listen. Mo Money… is a reference to the people around him wanting in on all the money he’s making. But, seriously, you should do everything you can to acquire money because it is a tool that lets you buy houses with sinks (amongst other things).

I live in hotels, tear out the wallsI have accountants pay for it all. Can you think of better personal finance songs? A simple prompt for your listening delight: the very best Personal Finance Songs. Yeah, it's one of the top finance songs for the backstory alone. He even had a very un-PC arrangement with an African American ‘valet’ named Virgil whom he had bought out. Personal Finance takeaway? Don't worry, everything in the archives is good. You’re welcome. Who Are the One Percent in the United States by Income and Net Worth. Eddie Vedder said that the above lyric describes a surreal experience where he saw a remake of his cheap corduroy jacket being sold for over $600 dollars (the album Corduroy is on was released in 1994). This song is obviously about a man who is very interested in the finances of a young female and hopes that her father showed her how to budget. It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see,” chimes the chorus, acknowledging how much more difficult Biggie’s life became as he made more money. Key Lyric: Why? )Who's your daddy? If you don't understand why unnecessary risks are a problem, you should probably start with our first article and work your way back here. Well, just listen. “I don’t know what they want from me. How embarrassing.

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