This includes starters Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin, K.J.


Three Pro Bowlers, a starting wide receiver, and your nickel cornerback.

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  • See Melissa's profile on Follow @seattlepi And if you line ’em all up, our starters look something like this: In our base, 12 offense (1 tight end, 2 backs), you’ve got mostly draft picks/rookie free agents (7 of 11). Members of the 2010 team, we’ve got our long-snapper, our starting fullback, our backup center, and our starting right tackle. The problem is that both Jeron Johnson and undrafted free agent Dion Bailey are undersized for the position, making them a substantially different type of player than Chancellor is.

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  • By the way, would you look at that 2010 draft again?
    for more info and photos.


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    Defensive tackle is setting up to be an intense roster battle as well. for more info and photos.

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