How do you tell your kid that while his class is graduating he will still be in high school? Your body is not full developed and it is proven young men mature slower than females. Other than that you're stunting the kids maturity( 17 yr old freshman). The older boy finally hit a growth spurt and is now over 6 feet and filled out. Again, the scholarship thing has to be a real possibility.

Do you think that reclassifying for sports is getting out of control? I can understand doing this when a child is younger; where there may be social or educational developmental issues, but not for sports. Instant analysis: Three impressions from the Seahawks' Week 7 loss vs. the Cardinals, Report card: Bob Condotta grades the Seahawks' Week 7 overtime loss to the Cardinals, Seahawks-Cardinals GameCenter: Live updates, highlights, how to watch, stream, 'Play of the century': Seahawks' DK Metcalf catches Budda Baker on 90-yard interception return to save a touchdown, Unless the Seahawks defense pulls its weight, you can kiss the Super Bowl goodbye. The kid is from NJ and he had turn 17 two weeks before the camp and he was entering the 9th grade as this was a middle school only camp. In states where Lacrosse is not sanctioned, the kid gets to play 5 years of HS Lacrosse and 5 years of club, hopefully at a Select Club Level that is doing showcases. HERE to login I'd say a one year reclass is the limit. The athlete is being held back, thus repeating a grade, i.e., "failing". In my time as a recruiting coordinator, players that reclassed down a year, taking a fifth year of high school, came with a red flag.

OR Staff meetings, meetings with academic coordinators, and even speaking with our athletic directors came with the question “why”, or “what is wrong”. They did it to give their kid an opportunity to have another year to get bigger, faster and stronger, but what does that do to them socially? They have really talked the kid into it and now he is looking forward to the start of  eighth grade in an new school. I'm not saying stay back so you can get into Gtown over GW. I noticed how dominating the kid was on the field and how "filled out" he was.

Let's call it what it is, it is reclassifying for sports. The decision is a critical one for sure. $$$$$. Of the nine passed amendments, four dealt with high school programs only. This is not college and it is not called "red shirting". I would like to hear from you guys. but those are the kids that get all the hype thats why so many parents do it. Economics,skill level, ego and genetics play a factor. Any 17 year pld entering 9th grade wouldn't be eligible as a junior or senior. Three of the Amendments that passed apply to both the middle level programs and the high school programs.

High schools in Washington will go through the reclassification process every four years instead of two, as approved by the WIAA Representative Assembly. At my son's school we had 8 reclassified kids (basketball).

CLICK HERE to purchase a PBRPlus Subscription, © 2020 Prep Baseball Report. I met two 16 year old freshman this season that will be playing in the WCAC. Players can reclassify up a year, graduating early, and enrolling into a school prior to their scheduled date. Thanks for your input. If you wish to continue reading this A school can appeal its classification after two years. Yes Reclassifying has gotten out hand no doubt about it. You can grow 2-5 inches in a year. RENTON, Wash. – The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) has announced nine amendments (rule changes) have passed by members of the Representative Assembly for the 2015-16 school year. Currently reclassifying. ACL, Achilles, illness Etc.... 2. The Dad can afford to send him to any Ivy League school he wants to out of pocket but has decided to take this route.

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Flash forward just a few years and coaches are seeing more and more good students, and good baseball players, take the extra year. I have no issue with a student athlete red shirting due to injuries. end of story. Players can also reclassify down a year, delaying their enrollment and allowing for more time in their recruitment period. The parents that I have spoken to did not do (it) because of injury. if you are not chad dukes, carry on, but i maintain my stance on the fred durst wannabe. I am saying Harvard vs. Penn State. I met the kid and his parents at a camp in OH. article: CLICK If you reclassify in the 9th grade or later, NCAA rules require the 16 core credits be completed by the original 12th grade year, or the athlete is ineligible. This is limited to schools that have begun the formal Division I reclassification process. The decision needs to be well thought out and probably should involve coaches and a school counselor.

deciding to change the date you graduate from high school and/or enter college after you have started the ninth grade It should not matter to no one else as they are not part of the decision process. The WIAA just sent out a press release about amendments passed this week by the Representative Assembly starting with the 2015-16 school year. The classification cycle amendment (Rule 4.1.0) was supported and will change from a two-year cycle to a four-year cycle. A talented group of senior backstops who've earned some attention since this showcase. He is behind players in football and has placed all of the weight of scholarship hopes on his senior season. Doesn't make sense! They play all three major sports and lacrosse. A look at stats leaders from the Trosky Redbirds Scout Day. They play in the WCAC and in the Bmore league and one plays for an IAC team. I dont know which side of the fence I fall on but I am thankful I dont have to make that decision. That's what the rule is there for. In the quest to manage a roster or manage a recruitment period, there has been a rise in the number of players reclassifying their graduation year. The final high school only Amendment (Rule 65.3.3) gives 1B schools the choice for varsity volleyball matches to be two-out-of-three, three-out-of-five, or five-out-of-five. The PBR logo and “Prep Baseball Report Covering All the Bases of High School Baseball” are federally registered trademarks of Prep Baseball Report. 3. They are from Montgomery , Howard , and PG Counties. I am completing a column and I thought this would be a great topic to discuss. No one wants to redshirt or play a year at prep school. This year I know of FIVE kids personally who have reclassified.

We live in a PLAY NOW world. This post may hit home for a lot of folks on this site as you may know or have a kid that reclassed for sports. While they are getting ready for freshman year in high school, he is still in middle school.....tough decision. I am not Chad Dukes, but thanks for your insight. During one of the breaks, I approached the kid and began a conversation with him and was introduced to the parents. Site By: PUREi, Triangle Prospect ID with Advanced Analytics.

The second Amendment (Rule 18.23.0) increases the merchandise value a student-athlete may receive from $300 to $500 and still maintain their amateur standing.

Thats where a coach and counselor help in the decision. Not a kid I heard about. i'll put this straight up, if you reclassify your son or daughter for sports, you are a sh*&ty parent. As are many Hockey Freshman. Three reasons come to mind.... 1. Most states only allow 8 consecutive semesters of athletic eligibility after entering the 9th grade, so the 13th year they would be ineligible for sanctioned sports. Go figure! Doesn't make any sense to me to reclassify for sports except for an injury. Players can also reclassify down a year, delaying their enrollment and allowing for more time in their recruitment period. Where is this supposed 17 year old going? By Brandon Hall North Carolina Director of Scouting. Thanks. Because of the late growth his older son had he decided to reclassify his younger son. Eventually that kid will have to play against his/her age group and older until they become upperclassmen! Kids are leaving school 100k in debt from undergrad now. Tahoka Nanticoke (Albany Lacrosse) is a 20 year old Freshman. In one of the cases , my friend, who is a large man and has a high income, has two sons that are less than average in size. I don't have a problem  with a kid doing a post grad year to get his body or grades together. He is the oldest freshman that I have met. I know another set of parents who are overly involved in their sons athletics and have decided the best way for him to improve is to compete with the kids in the class below him. Let the collegiate level (Redshirt,Greyshirt) reclassify the kid! But he is going into his senior year. Disclaimer -- I am actively working to reclass my athlete. In fact, it offers certain students (say a Junior (2020) that just turned 16 1 month prior to entering 11th grade, but reclasses down to a 2021 graduation year) the opportunity to: 2. Would you rather miss a scholarship, take out loans, and put you or your child into debt? The next passed Amendment (Rule 17.5.8D) allows an individual who is invited to participate in a national championship event the opportunity to be coached by his/her high school coach. The questions are still asked and explored, but more often than not, coaches do not balk when they hear a player has reclassed. I apologize for not responding to your post sooner. Not a friend of a friend. He is slightly taller than his brother at the same age and with the extra year should mature physically into a good sized Junior. The first (Rule 18.16.2) deletes references to elementary school when 5th or 6th graders are used to salvage a program. Take an extra year of classes specialized to enable success in college. I am in the process of writing an article for a magazine that is covering this topic and I just wanted to hear from some of you on this site. The argument families use to justify reclassification in the absence of any academic or health reasons necessitating such reclassification is simple: little Tommy might become big Tommy later on in high school, and thus more attractive to college recruiters, with … The only advantage the kid has is against that particular incoming class and it puts the kid a year or more behind academically.

There were two Amendments that were supported that affect middle level only programs. Each case I know of is different. It is not failing. Another supported Amendment (Rule 18.23.3) grants a high school student, who is not representing his/her school, the opportunity to compete against a college team with amateur standing maintained.

its nothing like seeing a kid who is 17 playing on a 15 under team. So don't use "student" athlete in that text because it is not the same for high school athletes that reclassify. The exception is for an injury!!! The following is a list of United States colleges and universities that are either in the process of reclassifying their athletic programs to NCAA Division I, or have announced future plans to do the same.. So, in the case of a 9th 0r 10th grade reclass -- they would still be in the same classes they originally would have taken to graduate, BUT .. in their 13th year they could take Cybersecurity, Robotics, Advanced Calculus, etc.

I can understand doing this when a child is younger; where there may be social or educational developmental issues, but not for sports. If the kid plans on staying/playing down with the incoming class the kid will possibly be two years behind his corrected class athletically!
Let's call it what it is, it is reclassifying for sports. The final supported Amendment (Rule 29.0.0) for both the middle level and high school programs allows protests to be filed within 24 hours following a regular-season contest. Before anyone tries to tell me how many miles they had to walk uphill to school everyday, just remember.... Education is so much more different than even 10 years ago. This is just my opinion and I have no dog in this fight. I know Lacrosse players too. Some I agree with and others I dont agree with.

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