297 (1) Where the Chief Electoral Officer is of the opinion that a contracting party has breached a compliance agreement, the Chief Electoral Officer shall serve a notice of default on the contracting party, informing the contracting party that the Chief Electoral Officer may refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions for any action the Director considers appropriate or, where a prosecution was stayed by virtue of subsection 295(3) , it may be resumed. Elections Nova Scotia has consolidating and reorganizing all electoral and electoral finance legislation. (b) any polling division in the electoral district in which the former member is a candidate. (a) striking out "clerk" in the second line and substituting "supervisor"; and. (3) It is the prospective candidate's obligation to ensure that the nomination documents and nomination deposit are received in accordance with this Section. (2) A person may reside in only one place at a time. (6) As soon as possible after a writ of an election or by-election is issued, the Chief Electoral Officer shall calculate the interim reimbursement pursuant to this Section based on the most current list of electors at the beginning of the election and shall publish the calculations on the Elections Nova Scotia website. (4) The Assistant Chief Electoral Officer, during any vacancy in the position of the Chief Electoral Officer, or during the illness or absence of the Chief Electoral Officer, has and may exercise all the powers and shall perform all the duties of the Chief Electoral Officer. (3) A candidate, candidate's agent or elector representing a candidate or other elector present may object to the acceptance or the rejection of a ballot and the deputy returning officer shall record the objection in the poll record in the prescribed manner. 319 Every person who uses all or any part of information disclosed under this Act for commercial or business purposes or for any other purpose not intended by this Act is guilty of an offence. This solidifies Elections Nova Scotia’s arm’s length functioning from the elected officials of the house. (4) A polling location established under subsection (1) is not a polling station within the meaning of this Act. 68 (1) Upon receiving the nomination documents and the copy of the certificate given pursuant to subsection 67(2), the Chief Electoral Officer shall publish on the Elections Nova Scotia website, (a) the name and registered party, if any, of each candidate; and.

(3) Where a compliance agreement is entered into, any prosecution of the contracting party for an act or omission that led to it is stayed and, unless the contracting party breaches the compliance agreement, the Director of Public Prosecutions may not resume the prosecution. (b) file an annual financial report pursuant to Section 227. (c) a write-in ballot co-ordinator who is conducting the write-in ballot poll outside the returning office. 286 For the purpose of exercising jurisdiction pursuant to this Act, the Chief Electoral Officer has all the powers, privileges and immunities of a commissioner appointed pursuant to the Public Inquiries Act and may establish rules of procedure for the purpose of this Act.

309 Every person is guilty of an offence who. (3) Where a place allowing convenient access cannot be found in the electoral district, the returning officer shall open and maintain a returning office in a neighbouring electoral district with the approval of the Chief Electoral Officer. 277 (1) A third party shall identify itself in any election advertising placed by it and indicate that it has authorized the advertising. (b) inform two principal officers of the electoral district association and the leader of the registered party that endorsed the electoral district association, in writing. (c) where the application is received during a general election after election day but within sixty days after election day. Skip to Navigation (5) The appointment as an election clerk or assistant election clerk must be made in the prescribed form.
(3) Except as otherwise provided in this Act, Elections Nova Scotia shall follow Government policies but any approvals required by those policies are to be read as requiring the approval of the Chief Electoral Officer. (2) Every person to whom an amount is due for election expenses shall present the person's claim not later than thirty days after election day to the official agent or, where the agent has died or resigned or is incapable and has not been replaced, to the leader of the registered party or to the candidate. (e) the date on which the contribution was received; (g) the full name and residential address of the individual making the contribution; (b) notwithstanding subsection 243(1), the individual who made the contribution. 314 Every person is guilty of an offence who. (2) Where the elector is qualified to vote under Section 122 or 123, the presiding officer shall. made under Section 6 of the. (b) attend while the final count is being regenerated. (a) is registered and in attendance at an educational institution; (b) resides in an electoral district or polling division other than that of the person's family home; and. 363 Section 17 of Chapter 98 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, the Co-operative Associations Act, is repealed. (b) constructed so that ballots can be inserted into it, but cannot be withdrawn without unlocking or unsealing the box. (2) An auditor, in the auditor's report pursuant to subsection (1), shall make such statements and qualifications as the auditor considers necessary if. Reg. (b) shows the person's ballot to permit the name of the candidate, for whom the person has voted, to be known. (3) The maximum expenses set out in Section 259 and this Section shall be increased or decreased in accordance with the Consumer Price Index for the Province published by Statistics Canada using the annual 2010 index as the base and the latest available index, as determined by the Chief Electoral Officer, as the current index. (3) The Chief Electoral Officer, the returning officer, the assistant returning officer, the deputy returning officer and the printer shall secure the ballot paper while it is in their possession. (7) A public body providing information under subsection (5) may charge a reasonable amount for providing the information, but the amount charged may not exceed the actual cost of producing the information.
112 An elector, on receiving a ballot, shall.

(iii) expenses and transfers made by the registered party during the reporting period. 183 Every political party that was a recognized party under the former Act, immediately before the coming into force of this Act, is deemed to be a registered party under this Act. (2) The Chief Electoral Officer shall report at least annually to the House of Assembly on the administration of Elections Nova Scotia and include any recommendations made to the Chief Electoral Officer pursuant to subsection 356(1). (3) Not later than five days after a writ of election is issued for a general election or a by-election a registered party shall confirm or update, with the Chief Electoral Officer, in the prescribed form , the information required by subsection 180(2).

174 Where the auditor of a registered party, electoral district association or candidate ceases to act for any reason, the registered party, electoral district association or candidate, as the case may be, shall, (a) appoint another auditor immediately; and. (a) at the returning office continuous poll or the write-in ballot poll if the person's name is on the list of electors for the electoral district where the person resides; (b) at the advance poll if the person's name is on the revised list of electors for a polling division where the person resides; (c) at an election day poll if the person's name is on the official list of electors for the polling station of the polling division where the person resides; (d) where the person applies to be added to the appropriate list of electors pursuant to Section 123 if the person's name is not on the list of electors, the revised list of electors or the official list of electors for a polling division; (e) where the person delivers to the deputy returning officer of the polling station if the person's name is not on the list of electors, the original transfer certificate issued under Section 99; or. (4) A returning officer or assistant returning officer may be re-appointed. (5) Where a candidate endorsed by the registered party applying for deregistration under subsection (4) is elected, the Chief Electoral Officer shall reject the application for deregistration and advise in writing two principal officers of the registered party of the rejection and the reason for the rejection. (4) A registered candidate who receives contributions in excess of five thousand dollars in a calendar year in which, (a) a writ of election is not issued in the registered candidate's electoral district; or. 253 (1) A tax receipt may be issued by the official agent of a registered party, at any time, for, (a) the actual amount of a monetary contribution received on behalf of the registered party; or, (b) the price paid by a participant, less the benefit received by that participant, for a fundraising event held by a registered party or by an electoral district association if, (B) March 31st following the calendar year in which the fundraising event is held, and. (b) fails to file a report of election expenses as required by Section 223 within one hundred and twenty days after the day fixed for return of the writ of election for a by-election or the writs of election for a general election. (b) adding "in which the party nominated candidates" immediately after "districts" in the last line. (6) The suspension of an electoral district association continues until it is revoked by the Chief Electoral Officer or the electoral district association is deregistered.
(5A) No organization shall purchase tickets to, or otherwise pay any amount to participate in, a fundraising event for a registered party, electoral district association, candidate or registered third party. (c) from such evidence as the returning officer is able to obtain. (a) open the outer envelopes that have been accepted and remove the inner envelopes; (b) mix the inner envelopes together in the ballot box; (c) remove the inner envelopes from the ballot box; (d) remove the ballot from each inner envelope; (e) where fewer than fifteen votes are cast at the write-in ballot poll, combine the ballots with the ballots from the returning office continuous poll; and. (g) may request the assistance of peace officers to maintain peace and order.

(6) Where a transfer certificate is issued pursuant to this Section to an elector to vote at a polling station other than the polling station where the elector's name is on the official list of electors, the elector may vote at the other polling station on election day. (2) The judge may order substituted service of the notice of the time and place of the recount.

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