every year if you want to, that’s the Pinoy spirit , Dosn’t it? (READ: PHOTO RECAP: Miss PH Earth 2015 coronation night ), Angelia beat the other ladies to represent the Philippines in the Miss Earth pageant to be held sometime later this year, where reigning Miss Earth Jamie Herrell will crown her successor. And to all haters of Philippines, this country won other But it was so cool of them to go on answering without any disapproval.

Great body with a beautiful face. Eric Papilaya performed a soulful rendition of his songs ‘Here I am’.

Brazil The funny thing once they win, they start talking in their broken bad English like the rest of the contestants who at least attempted to answer in English during the question and answer portion. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates straight in your inbox. So I would sit him down and make sure that we include every single person. The 24-year-old marketing management student beat out the other candidates for the honor of representing the Philippines at the Miss Earth 2015 pageant later this year.

Venezuela use Spanish language as an excuse so the translator can help them make their answer sound better to the judges.

I am aware of it.

If you would become Miss Earth tonight, what would be your first project in your country? you hit them where it hurts with sarcasm…muahh…love from manila.

FRANCE Grand International, Ms Heritage, Ms Supranational, to name a few. Are you proud of your intelligence and wide knowledge of the world now? Mexico where killing is almost a daily pastime? It is owned by an American so how do you defend them winning a lot and making it frequently in the top 5? It is owned by an American so how do you defend them for winning a lot and making it frequently to the top 5? I completely agree.

If I were to make a slogan for the next 15 years for Miss Earth that would be “We will because we can.” I want to let everybody know that all things are possible and all things are feasible if we work together. ( Log Out /  I bet my ASS Ms. USA will place highly again this year, if not win the Ms. Universe. Austria MANILA, Philippines – Angelia Ong from Manila was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Sunday, May 31. She also almost tripped. The Miss Earth- Air title and position is of equal importance to the other elemental court positions.

She resembles the beautiful and strong Disney’s princess ‘Fa Mulan’ from Mulan movie.

You have to get off your sore loser ass mentality. Angelia is a beautiful woman with a likable personality, but I wasn’t expecting her to win since, in my opinion, I had my favourites whom I thought were much better and last year winner was from the Philippines, so it would be very difficult for her to win the crown.

it’s obviously RIGGED…it’s a pinoy pageant known for that! ( Log Out / 

If only it was a different question. when it comes to insulting others, they already in the forefront!

3. Austria was just so beautiful. But in the end the distinguished judges decided to choose her. and the audience in table? The way she looked at the camera when she posed, it was so bewitching.

PHILIPPINES It was delightful to watch her. It was the same here.

Then the unexpected happen. Miss Air is Dayana Grageda of Australia, Miss Water is USA’s Brittany Payne while Miss Brazil Thiessa Sickert is Miss Fire. When Miss Brazil was announced as Miss Earth Fire, I wasn’t surprised at all since Misses USA, Venezuela and Chile were still in the competition, I didn’t think too much about it. Where was Venezuela before Trump took over the Ms. Universe? HUNGARY COLOMBIA As a President, I would impose taking care of the environment to create a green Earth.

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I am moving on too by writing the review of the contest which I love doing. see how offensive pinoy are? Brazil And Puerto Rico which is going bankrupt and their people all moving to the US to find jobs? W/o water, you could survive in a couple of days and fire either. Thought Mongolia would win this award, instead, USA was chosen as the winner of Miss Eco. Not many can crack chemistry like theirs. What just happened? You can never go wrong with Venezuela.

Oli, particularly, was so lively and animated with a little bit a drama. Now, Oli and Joey will definitely be one of the best hosts in pageant history. Then, Miss Australia was named Miss Earth Air. She won the crown over many favourites such as Panama, Myanmar, USA, Thailand, Mongolia, Australia etc.

this is a Filipino pagent, so will not be a surprise if Philippines wins this pagent consecutive for the next 10 years. The Philippines made history in Miss Earth with a back-to-back victory. So I don’t have any doubt that she will become a great Miss Earth Ambassador.

Brazil screamed elegance on seeing her in a white embroidered gown. But before that, the top 4 of Miss Eco Award were announced and they were Misses Belgium, France, Mongolia and USA.

Venezuela We produce creativity that delights and influences customers.

but she did fine and gave a good supporting role to the Oli and Joey. If you become the female president of your country, what would you change? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Love the bun hair style of hers. LOL.

It was time for the top 16 announcements. Miss Philippines Earth 2014 and reigning Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell will crown her successor at the end of the event.

The cable network was launched along with the wireless cable television company MVS Multivision in Mexico City, now called MASTV.

She has charming aura too. Angelia Gabrena Ong of the Philippines was crowned Miss Earth 2015 by outgoing queen Jamie Herrell during the finals held December 5 at Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria.. Miss Air is Dayana Grageda of Australia, Miss Water is USA’s Brittany Payne while Miss Brazil Thiessa Sickert is Miss Fire.

That was nice. She carried it so well.

I had her as one the elemental title winners in my favourites list. good one Moi…that’s their piny pride …heard but never seen.

BRAZIL I wonder how she was excluded from top 8.

She did try to work around with the gown. “Sparks” by Hilary Duff, used as the background, was just amazing.

As always, very bubbly personality.

Wait a minute. Great and balanced review btw… Kudos! I wished the contestants were provided with a better translator. Well, it was in her destiny to win Miss Earth. What part of the world doesn’t have crimes and terrorism? Was also rooting for Au but its their destiny. The pageant will be held on May 31, 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

During the finals night of Miss Philippines Earth 2015, the winner of the Best Cultural Costume was awarded, along with the announcement that the traditional attire will be worn by the Philippine representative to Miss Earth 2015. 52MX is a Mexican general entertainment programming cable television network owned by MVS Comunicaciones.

Miss Philippines – Angelia Ong was announced as Miss Earth 2015. They were Misses Australia, Chile, Ghana, Mongolia, Panama, Thailand and USA. Funny. Miss Manila is Miss Earth Philippines 2015 Angelia Ong of Manila has won the title of Miss Earth Philippines 2015. Miss Philippines was the only one left who gave a proper answer. She looked so regal and it looked like she was one of the contestants shining like a star.

What kind of a dumb question was that anyway. During the break, they would show pre-activities of Miss Earth 2015 but ended so soon and it goes directly live to the hosts which caught the host off guard a few times. I truly find this unique and a great way to showcase its motto. With that, we help people with less money and people who are vulnerable. Miss Earth Air is consider as 1st Runner Up, Miss Earth Water is 2nd Runner Up and Miss Earth Fire is 3rd Runner Up.


To look at the brighter side, I could feel her winning emotions  because she had a lot of responsibilities and pressure to win not just because last year winner was from Philippines but also because which I think she is aware of what she would be facing. They just had to do what they gotta do. MANILA, Philippines – Angelia Ong from Manila was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2015 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Sunday, May 31. Angelia Ong from The Philippines won the crown at the Miss Earth contest giving it a back to back for the Philippines, the first in Miss Earth history and the third Filipino to win the crown.

Grow up! You could somehow search for some youtube video regarding this for validity. And to

She almost tripped.

The crowds were rooting for her and she seemed to be enjoying that attention. It might have been nerve wrecking for her as well. Something wasn’t right. Katia also did a wonderful job as a host. Oli Pettigrew and Joey Mead King took to the centre stage most of the time while Katia Wagner Miss Earth Air 2013 interacted with the audience most of the time.

Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International are serious and impartial pagents. The crowd favourite was next – Philippines. the pinoy must be so proud of the win which was rigged..can’t blame them, just look at their country…known for crime and terrorism.. How is crime and terrorism relevant to the pageant?

Philippines got a bit serious and emotional. International Queen plus high placements in Ms International, Ms In the USA where blacks are killing blacks and racial tensions are worse with a black president, etcetera etcetera….Tell me, do you live in a perfect world? USA has the most wins in Ms Universe and they own it too. Lots of pretty faces but mediocre performances and brain-dead answers to Q&A. I am not from the USA.” So you are telling you are a goat in your country?

When she raised her hands and turned around spreading the see-through poncho or cape that was a fabulous performance.

The board of judges had Miss Philippines as winner of Miss Earth 2015 except for one judge who had Miss Australia on top of her list. Miss USA is watched world wide and Miss Earth is only broadcasted in the Philippines, in my country no body know what is Miss Earth. Couldn’t understand the colour combination of the gown. Her catwalk was good too. I think it was the fabric of the gown. Miss Earth will always be unpredictable but it’s what makes it endearing and exciting for me… Thanks for your review, I enjoyed it!

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