With an even and full appearance, this low-key hairstyle uses an extremely subtle sideburn fade for maximum neatness.

So here we have listed 20 cool low fade haircut styles for men to choose from this year. In this low fade haircut black men who have twisted curly hair can ask their stylist to maintain a curly top while keeping the sides and back faded. And, above all else, it’s taking barber shops by storm. This low fade haircut for men looks great with straight hair on top no matter what’s the size of hair. No worries, you can get your desired look more smartly with the help of faded low hair. Subscribe now and thank us later. The low fade haircut is by no means an invention of the 2000s. Here’s another crop featuring a low fade around the sides. However, since we are now reliving the two decades that marked the fashion and styling world in the craziest of ways, the 80s and 90s, it’s safe to say that the low fade haircut is making a comeback. A post shared by Zach Ramsey (@z_ramsey) on May 15, 2017 at 4:52pm PDT. The low fade keeps the hair looking thick and full.

“This option features short, tight sides and is a little longer on top,” says Shafaat Zainal of Singapore’s world-famous chop shop The Panic Room, who recommends asking for a skin fade to dial up the contrast. We never share Your data with 3rd parties. Maintain the freshness of the crop hairstyle with fade. #5: Perfect low bald fade haircut with beard: #6: Best low top fade haircut for white guys: #8: Low fade curly hair with long fringes: #9: The low taper fade haircut with Pompadour: #12: Designer low fade with long hair on top: #15: The low taper fade with a side part: #17: Short wavy comb over low fade hairstyle: #18: The low fade long on top textured haircut: What is the High Fade :: Best 20 High Fade Hairstyles and Tutorials, What is Mid Fade Haircuts – 20 Best Mid Fade Hairstyles and Tutorials, Hair Inspiration from the 1950’s – The Classics and How to Copy Their Style, Under Cut Fade: How to Tell Your Barber Exactly What You Want, Faded Mohawk Hair Styles – 20 Ways to Rock that Hawk in Style, Difference Between Low Fade Vs High Fade HairCut, 10 Best Plait Hairstyles for Men with Images. Low fade hairstyles, just as any fade haircuts, look great when coupled with a beard. “Then you have options,” says Shafaat Zainal’s right-hand scissor-man, Hawow Haw. With a low fade, the hair on the sides tapers down, and the taper occurs lower on the head, hence the name “low fade.” The low fade is incredibly versatile, and we’ve selected 11 of our favorite examples.

Hair doesn’t need to go through a drastic change to look amazing. Beyond that, it’s just a matter of using either a sea salt spray for fine or normal hair or a texture spray for thick hair, before blow drying and working the hair into shape. “The low fade is probably the most requested haircut in barbershops at the moment,” he says. Here’s another pompadour, again featuring carefully trimmed hairlines and a pattern in the neckline. A high fade is quite an extreme look, with the blend sitting at the very top of the head. A pompadour style looks flattering on a variety of hair types. Pompadour looks cool on just about everyone. There’s a low fade appropriate for many different hair types and lengths, and you’ll want to be sure to get the look that’s perfect for you. All rights reserved. Curly haired men who try a low fade will be glad they did it. Here’s a short, curly hairstyle featuring the low fade. It’s also extremely low maintenance, which is a bonus for today’s busy men. Low Fade Blowout Want to get noticed with your curls? The classics or the high and tight haircut involves cutting the hair short at the ear level and making layers above the skin line. They stick to one haircut, which works for them and forgets about the myriad of options waiting in the fashion world. Now use any trimmer about 2.5 inches and move around the head to create one more guide line. This casual haircut features an irregular fringe and swooping hair on top. “Ideally you want to go in knowing how close you want the fade. This unique style needs a razored curve to demarcate the difference between the high faded area and the low faded area.

The low fade cut is an enduring style that’s been around in various forms for generations. Ask your stylist for a low drop fade. The hair on top of the head can be styled into spikes or a comb over. Begin with the fading process – if the person has a natural high arch around the ear; then use that as the guide line for cutting the low fade haircut. For each guideline you should keep it in between 1/2 inch to 1 inch throughout and keep these lines in proportion with each other, for a neater and cleaner look. Fading the hair on the sides makes the overall appearance more stylish. This vibrant fun look features heavily gelled and heightened Quiff, and low side faded hair and back of the head. By contrast, a low fade is a much more subtle style, where the fade between lengths comes in an inch or so above the ears. The sides are dyed a lighter color than the top and the back. All hair types can pull off an undercut, be it with straight hair or with waves. It seems to have some long layers and some extremely short areas but this is actually okay mainly because of the long hair on top of the head and the short sides. The hair is maintained long at about one inch from the forehead and the sides and back is faded. Discuss with your stylist the cut you desire, and then go for a bald shave to accomplish a crisp, clean look in the back. This is the lowest fade haircut which involves trimming a couple of inches near the neckline, while the rest of the hair stays the same length. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, you’ll enjoy this close-cropped cut.

Meanwhile, a scissors fade, which takes longer to make, appears much more stunning. A step above the classic and a notch below the high, meet the low fade. We don’t keep our hair secrets. It is impossible that you wore a cornrow hairstyle and did not look trendily cool. Low fade hairstyles are easiest of all and are in fashion at any point of time. Curly Tapered Low Fade Haircut source. The low faded undercut will make the entire men’s outlook uber interesting. This young style is extra long and wavy. The best part of this hairstyle is that you do not have to worry about the top hair as ‘messy’ means you can keep it anyway you like, you only have to make a low fade with sides and the back. They create great contrast, as you can see with this fohawk-inspired look. Low Fade … This low fade haircut for men may be a bit weird for some men who are not used to modern hairstyles to see a hairstyle like this becoming popular.

A short low fade haircut is a great option for men who want to look great when they just get out of bed.

A stylist can produce almost any image you want, and you’ll be able to express yourself with shaved art. A simple buzz cut may not look exciting in appearance because of its simple and flat structure, but that’s not mean that you cannot inspire others with your outdated style as you can give this haircut an absolute refreshing update by pairing it up with fade. Spiked hair pairs well with a line up and high to low skin fade. Starting with thick short choppy layers, the hair descends deeply and darkens again for a sculpted beard and mustache. It is a low … This modern pomp hairstyle features large voluminous hair on top and low drop faded sides. This is the easiest yet designer low fade haircut for black men.

You can rock a low fade style even with a messy hair!

The three razor lines at the back give an edgy and awe-inspiring look to men. Because the low fade is so versatile, it’s easy to modify it. This typically means a style that starts out thick and thins out in a designated direction.

It’s a trendy, youthful cut that will work well with almost any hair type.

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