His legacy was rooted in a lifetime of achievement, justice, and revolution. Out of the entire force, only 250 billion Xoclovians out of the initially huge number managed to reach land, most of whom were damaged. The winner would be his son Kuzon IV, due to Erebus and Leogian being disqualified in their fight. He studied under several masters on different planets all across space for decades whenever he had the time, an entirely devoted student, and his exposure to thousands of different cultures and planets greatly influenced this.

There was a day and night section for each show. KJ was promoted to Captain in February 1079 for his leadership. GUAOF forces launch full on invasion of small Districts 5, 10, 11, 13, and 15 through newly-conquered District 4.

The Crew appeared on the planet, and didn't understand what to do next. In the end they both proved capable fighters, even though SS was much older and more experienced. Nami goes to the core and uses Blade of the Gods to calm it and fight the Sentinels. The Xoclovians began jumping from their exploding ships, plunging 2,000 feet and landing unharmed (due to their flexibility and bodies). Motherships and a Mastership were waiting towards the end. It would lower tariffs while deducting the cost of goods and valuable resources within all imports/exports. The Crew all jumped in, a huge, empty dark room. The only physical marking he ever received was a blood tattoo, which could only be removed by special alien dermatologists. The Herul ships began leaving the planet, and Earth followed them, surrounding them and completely blocking them in, not allowing them to escape. Zang and him then were about to go to the Skulfn Cairn to train. Shortly afterwards, KJ undertook the Black Expedition in which he and a group of warriors explored the Edge, the infinite dark border of the universe where strange lifeforms exist. This jet made it to the top of the dome barrier over the city.

Blockhead came to him, saying he would get him to safety, but then, Knox awoke, continuing to fight. Chanin held many sacred and ancient Eldrayic sanctuaries they hold dear. Attempts to stop it by both Nikad and Shizen failed. Night beetween the Snakeonaman Saga and the Cabban Saga, when in the morning, Goku and Kuzon were at a restaurant eating, and they walk out to feel high power levels, but forget it and go on. To address this, Nacule locked onto all Xoclovians using his Proximity Shift, and send shadow clones to every single one of them, which released Final Flashes that followed them and helped kill most of them off, while Bart Lee followed using knifes to attack them. Suddenly, in the middle of the council, the planet was ambushed by a massive array of System forces. "The Uzbekian race is a massive race of dark elves who were once one with the Eldreyn many eons ago. 700,000,000,000 people dying a second from the gas. After a long and intense battle, Geyser joined in to help, weakening Perqul. For the next 2 weeks, Earth and nearly the entire rest of the Empire was without any power. There is a large glowing orb in the center of the room and nothing else. outclassed Kuzon by a small margin. It was the core part of the Universal Democracy Expansion Program (UDEP). TGE casualties = 254,000,000,000

He was obsessed with constant attention--he tried to stay busy 24/7 to distract himself from these horrible feelings. He could not control it at all. Earth was in the Big Red Partnership (BRP) since 1073, organized by King Furry, giving way to many valuable 'business and military partners' (in substitution of 'allies'). He had already acquired a vast knowledge on several viewpoints and ideologies, organizing his exact thoughts in his essay 'My Thoughts' (later became a book).

Kuzon: The Movie is the first feature film of the series. Here, KJ told them his thoughts and theory on what was going on. KJ wanted to re-engage in work pertaining solely to Earth, much like he had done in the 1080s, but he was now inevitably tied into affairs everywhere and looked at as a savior--so 'duty calls', as he said.

Herul casualties = 88,000,000. When making a choice about who to be with, these people search for financial stability and are less interested in the overall compatibility. It landed and a man jumped off. ", "Through the immoral and intolerable acts of those who hold great influence, shall we perish. Later, everyone was on the lookout. They needed to get through it quickly. Having been fiercely intelligent, accompanying him his entire life and helping boost his career, she was given an honorary funeral hosted by KJ. Everything went back to normal, with no more Kochaku. He ran and won a successful campaign for Mayor of Supreme City in 1064 at age 23 (youngest ever), and won a record of 5 re-elections in a row. Asura Shinhan was among the helpers, as after his battle with Kuzon Jr. after the strike of midnight, he had snapped out of his insane Human supremacist regime, and looked towards the greater good. As an Alpha Herulean, Jossomos took the form of a gigantic dragon with many heads (like the Hydra) and used Death Magic to curse Kasai, turning him into a decaying old man, near death. KJ's comment was "my work isn't done until my people say it is, and that time hasn't come yet". They eventually tore through and began entering the planet. KJ organized and managed the entire tour by himself, as well as the funds. After constant abuse, Zang falls into a rock pit, and KJ descends under sweat and heartbeat, out of energy. KJ had gotten over 100 Good Deed cards that year in school, his very first achievement. They landed. An official universal state funeral occurred on 8 September 1145. Ford Hyald is a massive floating GUAOF ship fort located in the West Quadrant, District 10.

He served as Master Commander of GUAOF during the entirety of the war, in which nearly all of his time was consumed by the war. Between 1966 and 2003, in the United States, Kuzon life expectancy was at its lowest point in 1968, and highest in 2000. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing elsewhere in the Empire.. GUAOF = 17,000,000,000,000 There were many candidates, most with a good war leading history. Knox flew out into space, following the Earth ships, into battle.

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