Simon: It's very cold in there. Jay: While you've been at home wanking over Carly all summer... i've been out porkin' loads of vadge! Neil: Who? Jay: My Cornetto, do you want to lick it? Jay: Cornetto please Jay: No, of course he doesn't teach it you fucking idiot, the Duke of Edinburgh is Prince Charles.

Will: Course there was.

Neils Dad: i've had enough of your lip
You still wet the bed when you were 10 Will: Do you think you can spare us the bullshit, for one minute, while I try to figure out how not to die at sea. Will: I went to fart and instead, shit myself Simon: Its YOUR spunk!! Neil: You walk like you have, Will: Bit over dramatic, it's only a bollock. Jay: You can't, they've gone back to the playboy mansion.

Jay: No there was another one who looked like Lucy Pinder. Jay: FUCK OFF Jay: Perfect, that's why I've got to wear this massive bandage. Who wants a model that looks like a spotty baby crossed with the Statue of Liberty? As promised, he agrees to take his three ... View production, box office, & company info. Will: Please don't have a wank over my mum! Jay: Your dad does Jay: Oh right, bit late am I? Neil: Neither cos he's not bent! Jay: I’d fuck her, right up the bum hole. Jay: The Lion the Witch and the speccy kid who shit himself Simon: He's paying for my car, he might not let me do long journeys yet Jay: A man's cock in the bushes Where's your bit then? Jay: Take that back Will: Did you? Neil: My Dad's not gay! Jay: Morning Benders, jump in the minge mobile. Jay: No, they'll call you shit pants mong Jay: What's it got to do with your dad? Jay: Yes Jay: At least they wont call you briefcase mong anymore Simon's Dad: Your've had an eventful day bunking off school, buying alchol illegally, defacing carly's drive and insulting Neil's dad, have i missed anything?"

Simon: We can keep this up all summer you know Neil: He rubbed my legs Suggest a quote and we will add it send us an email. Jay: When I say I'm gonna deliver, I fucking deliver. Jay: I've just seen the clunge head towards Nemesis

Will: We also hit a spastic with a frispy Neil: Are we gonna have to swim back? As promised, he agrees to take his three friends to Thorpe Park, where he can get in free as he knows the man who clears up the sick. Simon: It's no biggie, they've not been getting on lately so he's moved out for a few weeks while they sort stuff out Jays Dad: Well he's a total bullshitter then, cos the only pussy he's ever touched was his mums when he fell out of it. Jay: Are you the woman who sucks school boys off? After passing his driving test, Simon's parents buy him a Fiat Cinquecento (Hawaii edition). if Mr Chippy doesnt get there first! I thought you'd be having it up to your nuts in guts The Inbetweeners - S01E03 - Thorpe Park - video dailymotion Will: No, I mean, that IS the Duke of Edinburgh you're thinking of, but he's not the king

Will: Any more? Jay: I can drive, I took an army driving course when I was 10 Simon: Bollocks! Title: Simon's mum: Just because Kevin's gay, doesn't mean he's a paedophile! Simon: Yeah well i'm the only one who can drive so you can fuck off! Will: LOOK, do you wanna sign up or not? Simon passes his driving test at the first attempt, less on account of his skills than the fact that Tracey, the saucy examiner, finds him cute. Written by Jay: You lot can stay here and finger Neil's arse but i'm off to find some clunge. Neil: King Phillip? Simon: Isn't she Warren Duncan's nan? Jay: You've gotta be fucking joking, there's no way i'm gonna get bummed by some royal bloke on a mountain Neil: Or Shitty Shitty Bang Bang Kevin: I'm not a paedophile! Will: Umm, No he isn't, it's his dad Will: Well seeing as she's my mum, probably not Simon: Hang on, have you had the left ear pierced? Simon: Does he? Simon: You wet the bed when you were 10 The Inbetweeners S01 E3 1X3 - Thorpe Park - video dailymotion Comedy Tv Shows Movies And Tv Shows Inbetweeners Quotes Bbc Channel Thorpe Park British Comedy English Comedy British Humour Classic Comedies. Jay: Well can I have them then? Neil: Jay was telling us about them birds he pulled in Norfolk. Will: ...The Nemesis Inferno! Jay: So I had one bent over the table here, there was one up here who I was fingering and I was just toe fucking the one on the floor. Will: Your dad's moved out? Simon: Yeah well i'm the only one who can drive so you can fuck off! Simon: Bollocks! Look you lot can stay here and finger Neils arse if you wanna but i'm off to find the clunge. Jay: Probably up the arse Will: He never had a modelling career!

Old Lady: One cornetto, is that all? Use the HTML below. Add the first question. Jay: Oh well done you've mastered walking like a knob and looking like a dick at the same time. It's gonna take more than a few weeks to sort that mess out Jay: Yeah but I'm not bothered, cos I fucked the nurse that looked after me. Simon: This is actually enjoyable, in a 'I'm shitting myself' kind of way Jay: You? Will: A few years ago i went to see King Kong at the cinema, now I'm on a date with her! Just livin' the dream guys. Jay: Yeah, your mum Sometimes, plain speaking is what's required to get your insult across.

Jays Dad: I know what you're up to, you think cos shes sooo massive, she'll count as 2 shags, well she doesnt! Greg Davies The Inbetweeners British Comedy Music Tv Really Funny Funny Images Comedians Pop Culture I Laughed. Jay: Do you want to lick it? Jay: Nah, I had to er, I had to give her the boot Directed by Gordon Anderson. This FAQ is empty.

Will: oh you'd like my lip wouldnt you, right round your bell end!

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