They have to know that you have just about enough to sustain you for the duration of your visit to the UK before they can sign off on your visa. Also Read: UK Visa Guide – All about UK visa requirements, application process, documentation, etc. © Copyright All Rights Reserved. Now I just retell and embellish stories. It goes on to point to the UK Apply for a Standard Visitor visa: step by step: The first item is "bank statements" and this ties in with the text on the main page, which says: evidence that you can support yourself during your trip, for example bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months. Uk tourist visa amount to show account. Perhaps the biggest query people have regarding securing a UK Visit Visa is the issue of bank account balance. — 04. You must have a minimum of USD 8000/-to USD 10,000 in your Pakistani bank. One of the requirements you must satisfy for the grant of a UK visit visa is to show that you have sufficient funds to maintain yourself for the duration of your stay. Read more about us here. How much money should I have in my account? An excerpt from the UK Government Immigration Rules page reads that that the applicant: "...will maintain and accommodate himself and any dependants adequately out of resources available to him without recourse to public funds or taking employment; or will, with any dependants, be maintained and/or accommodated adequately by relatives or friends who can demonstrate they are able and intend to do so, and are legally present in the United Kingdom, or will be at the time of their visit... Usually, estimations around the cost of your accommodation and living expenses for the duration of your visit will be matched against your account balance. It is standard procedure for you to present your bank account statement at the embassy while you're applying for your visa. Uk family visitor visa how much money in bank. I haven’t seen a single UK visitor visa refusal from those who submitted a leave/vacation approval letter. This is to check against fraudulent one-off deposits made into the account for the purposes of beating the process. We are the number one destination for all things Travel in Nigeria. Perhaps the biggest query people have regarding securing a UK Visit Visa is the issue of bank account balance. It is standard procedure for you to present your bank account statement at the embassy while you're applying for your visa. In any event that further investigations need to be made to ascertain credibility on your account, you will very likely be required to provide a statement that covers a period of not less than 12 months. Can my mum a u.s citizen living in germany file for her children living in germany? In my opinion, it really is a strong document. Also, having a statement that shows that there isn't a lot of money in the account presently doesn't automatically mean that you will be denied the visa, so long as your cash flow is assured. Usually, you'll be required to provide a bank statement that covers transactions carried out on your account for a period of at least 6 months. Retired Superhero. First off, there isn't exactly a stipulated amount that is the go-to number to match up or beat. We are building the largest inventory and travel-related content for the modern day traveler across the continent. Mind you, this is not the same as the visa application fee, as the purpose is not to check if you can pay the visa fees. If you go as a single person then the amount required as a bank statement will be less in other situations you will need a large amount. If you do have accommodation already sorted out - assuming you'll be visiting family or friends, you will have to clarify that with the officials so estimations won't be done for that. Apparently, the embassy officials aren't exactly over the moon with the fact that you can afford the visa fees. RELATED: Tips on Getting Your International Visa in Nigeria, Travel Tips | The Official Travel Information Depot. How can i get proof of spouse living in adultery?

This is of course linked to your personal circumstances. You have to be able to assure them that the money is yours or that you have access the money. The question of how much UK visiting visa statement depends on your stay in the UK. Mind you, this is not the same as the visa . So, you can't just turn up with a statement to an account with a ton of money and expect to walk right through. You must be able to show that you have sufficient funds to pay for your maintenance either by yourself or a by third party. Lack of salary deposits in your bank account. Enter your email to get up to 60% off on hotels deals around your favourite destinations. According Official List of documents for UK Visitor visa there is no fixed amount you must have to apply the visa. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. The cash flow into your account and the source are more important than the current account balance though. How much balance required for UK visa? How to prove living expenses for international students in canada? There just needs to an amount that the officials can ascertain will be just about enough (or, even better, more than enough) to cover your expenses and prevent you from being destitute for the duration of your stay.

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how much bank balance to show for visitor visa uk

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