All orders destined to a US address are shipped from within the US, and do not cross national borders. Browse Categories Brewhaus distributes a wide selection of distillation equipment for use with your moonshine still, including heating elements, distillation column packing, and more. Examples of distilling equipment and systems we have installed: VodkaLight, in Gaitneau, Quebec, Canada has an DEGONG 2,000-liter, 2-column pot still, as well as a Distillery Mash Tun with grist case, fermentation, blending, and storage vessels. The distillation equipment,It can be used for making distilled spirits such as gin, whiskey,brandy,vodka,rum etc. Mile Hi Distilling moonshine stills are copper or stainless steel built pot stills that are used to make traditional moonshine or other spirits using sugar or assorted grains as a base. DEGONG provides distilling equipment and complete distillery systems: everything you need to start your own distillery, including small to large product-specific stills, tanks for mashing, fermenting, and mixing, and equipment for heating and cooling. Distilling Equipment. A vodka column is highly recommended if vodka is the desired product. Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Distiller - Keg Kit. Plus we have new shipments of The original Prestige products arriving weekly so we should never Hopefully never be out of Gert Strand's products again . With an ever-expanding product line, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We can outfit you with a complete system and teach you how to use it.

Distillers world-wide rely on our equipment to make fine bourbon, gin, rum, vodka and other spirits. Got that burning desire to create your own gin and bring it to market? America's new craft distilleries use high-tech equipment to make their whiskey, gin, and other spirits. From there you can choose to run the vapour down to the 8 plate 8" Procap copper column or straight to the gin basket or even straight to the 6" all stainless condensor.

Complete Distilling Units ... needed for the production of clear spirits like gin, vodka, and those you make by steeping fruit and other botanicals. Add To Cart. All systems have the characteristics of small and medium size, automatic control, easy operating and beautiful outlook. CALL If You Need any assistance. It’s powerful centrally positioned agitation system allows for maximum stability and thorough mixing and cooking of even the thickest of grain mashes. Help DEGONG  are also a major supplier of equipment used in the distillation of industrial and power alcohol. At the core of any oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical, perfume industry, gas plants, etc. The best distillation equipment at the cheapest prices australia and new zealand Our most common systems are designed for low to middle proof whiskey, rum, brandy, or single distillation of GNS, for gin and vodka. Contact Us.
Beer Brewing and … 500l copper topped boiler feeds straight into the all copper Whiskey Hat with sight glass to manage frothing. This is our steam jacketed mash tun/ whiskey still with a working capacity of 1000 litres.

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Specify a quantity for any of the products listed on this page, then click 'Add to Cart' to add them to your shopping cart. About Us In addition to the stills, we fabricate all related stainless steel distillation equipment and copper equipment including fermenters, cookers, condensers, coolers, whiskey tanks, bottling tanks, etc. This versatile best selling unit is ideal for the commercial production of artisanal craft spirits such as whiskey, brandy, and rum. For many years, DEGONG has been a major provider of distillation systems for producing potable alcohol. Distilling Equipment Brewhaus distributes a wide selection of distillation equipment for use with your moonshine still , including heating elements, distillation column packing, and more. Free Shipping on retail orders over $99 to the lower 48 states. EF-1-1806, Dinghao Plaza, 44 South Industry Rd., Hi-tec Zone, Jinan City.

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