Roo and Owen are beginning to warm up to each other after a rocky start - and this is Georgie’s first love interest in a decade on Home and Away. He is a terrific man. Viewers haven’t yet seen her character Roo depart the show because filming runs so far in advance of screening, but she said all will be revealed soon when she packs her bags and leaves for a few weeks. Access exclusive energy deals! Coronation Street spoilers: Scott takes Jenny Connor hostage! I adore Jake and did a play with him not long after he left the show. Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo on Home and Away. “They had a very vibrant, feisty and rebellious relationship. Get four VASO premium glass straws for just £9.99! A milestone is reached on Home and Away this month when Georgie Parker notches up 10 years as Roo Stewart, daughter of the soap’s legendary longest-serving character Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher). Also clear, too, is that portraying Roo – originally played by Justine Clarke – is as much of a delight as ever for the former All Saints and A Country Practice star. Ever the protective aunt, Roo was devastated to discover an evasive Cameron is hiding that he has terminal cancer. Combined, Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo have nine Logie wins, six decades on the screen, and now a shared postcode in Summer Bay. Visit our dedicated Home and Away page for all the latest news, interviews and spoilers. Our best wishes for a productive day. Everyone cried!”, Musician and actor Cameron wrote a song for his alter-ego Evan to sing on Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5). Neighbours spoilers: Is Dipi Rebecchi and Pierce’s affair over… or just beginning? Speaking to New Idea,  Parker – who has played Summer Bay favourite Roo Stewart for the past eight years – revealed she had been operated on after getting a hip replacement due to her battle with osteoarthritis. WHAT IS ON TONIGHT? “I adore working with Ray, Emily (Symons), Lukas (Radovich) and Belinda (Giblin),” says Georgie, adding with a smile, “It’s a very happy Stewart household!”. Ray is a great storyteller, very generous and has a wicked sense of humour. There’s a real sense of family on the channel. She is ballsy and a rebel. The TV icon, who is ready to bare all, gives thanks to … In fact Ryder can be the straight one compared to her, she is a bit more outrageous and loves embarrassing him! “This was all found out as he arrived just to have a wave at Summer Bay. "I don’t use the word deformity, or bad back. And for Georgie’s character Roo, the introduction of Owen feels a little bit like deja vu. Credit: Seven Network Roo had grown close with Cameron Daddo’s character Evan - Owen’s twin brother - before he died. He calls me ‘Parker’ and I call him ‘YOF’ which stands for ‘Your Other Father’. “I loved filming the seance recently with Emily, which brought Cameron (Daddo) back to the Bay, this time as Owen. He’s such an asset to the show. I did guest role when they were shooting the pilot, then when I joined the regular cast Home and Away had been going for a year. And she entered to win a $10K trip for four people to Norfolk Island in 2021. I love him. But Georgie Parker has now 53 and has undergone a hip replacement, after suffering osteoarthritis for more than a decade. And for Georgie’s character Roo, the introduction of Owen feels a little bit like deja vu. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Home and Away’s Tim Franklin teases cop Colby Thorne could kill again! His number is actually stored in my phone as that! “He played the fire chief of Sydney and I played the bad prime minister!”, We’ve loved this story line and the opportunity it’s given us all as a family in the show. Picture source: Getty. He’s also a musician and released his first album in 1993. “So his brother’s dead, his parents are dead, and the only people that can tell him about who he really is are Roo and his nephew, Ryder. I always looked to older actors and observed how they worked, and shut up and listen to their stories. “My first scenes in the Bay as Roo!” Georgie recalled. On the milestone anniversary, the Aussie fave takes a special trip down memory lane. Cameron’s song, Son and Moon, went down so well on the show, that he’s recorded it as a single and it was released for streaming in May. In an exclusive chat with, the fan favourite reflects on a decade in Summer Bay. You’d be jumping out of the bedroom window to go off and have a good time with those two in the house… Anything to get out! While the character was among the original cast of the Australian soap back in 1988, Parker became the second actress to play the role from 2010, replacing Justine Clarke who left in 1989. ", “I loved filming with Kassandra Clementi, who played Maddy – she was just glorious to work with. Save up to £497* a year -Compare Lots of Deals - Switch in Minutes. Georgie said. Do you still enjoy working with Ray Meagher? "I would encourage everyone who has some kind of physical impediment not to be conscious of what they can’t do, but find out what they can do – and do it! It was really fun to stretch my legs on a new set with actors I hadn’t worked with before. She became a member of Starts at 60 and got access to amazing travel deals, free masterclasses, exclusive news and features and hot member discounts! She’s over in America now doing a lot of work. “It was a great way of fleshing out this man who was such a handsome man with so much life and so many stories, so it was a very emotional time for us all.”. "I must stink of chlorine," the 53-year-old quipped. I’ve been working alongside Home and Away for decades, my career was always in parallel with the show! , A post shared by georgieparker (@georgieparker) on Jun 23, 2020 at 3:42am PDT. Later in the early 2000s, I did All Saints in the same studio in the era of Bec Cartwright, Tammin Sursok. And Belinda is so great at playing Martha – she’s just gorgeous.”. “These big Home and Away events are always really fun to film,” Georgie said. Aussie soap star Georgie Parker shares why Roo Stewart’s latest storyline with newcomer Evan Slater has been such an emotional one... Home and Away actress Georgie Parker chatted with about the latest big family twist for Roo Stewart that has heartbreaking consequences for the Stewart family. That cliche is true," she maintains. “The Caravan Park explosion, when Jake Speer’s character Oscar died, was a big one. And Emily and I went to town with this scene.”. Roo’s inherent rebelliousness was a reaction to pain and grief of losing one parent, and being left with another who didn’t know how to be there for her. Georgie shared snaps of her recovery on Instagram. “Tim Ross, who played James, was utterly delightful to work with and he made it so easy to play that story. "There is pain and there is discomfort and there will be medical intervention – but there is always a way of finding a challenge and making that challenge make you a better person. She explained that she had osteoarthritis in her hip and hadn’t been able to cross her legs for 12 years, calling it a “miracle” that she was finally able to do so again after her surgery in February. You can fall over and get back up, but if you do it again you’re an idiot! Roo’s (Georgie Parker) world has been rocked after she returned from saying a final goodbye to Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) dad, Evan (Cameron Daddo) – only to discover a … Roo is the much-hated character who attempts to sabotage her father's marriage to Ailsa and who nearly fools Frank into marrying her by claiming that she is carrying his baby. The repercussions are felt throughout the whole Bay, playing out for a substantial amount of time. Oh, they were a funny pair! And Roo is an interesting character, not a straight-up middle aged woman. We actually worked together on a cop show called All Saints. How similar are Roo and Alf? Roo may be his parental figure but she is also the cheeky, cool aunt who encourages him to be a bit rebellious. “Remember when Roo was with her younger man, James, and was blackmailed into leaving him? The ones that make a fuss are always the ones trying to disguise the fact they’re not very good at their job! Since her mum Martha came back into her life she’s got some degree of closure. Appearing on a Monday’s episode of The Morning Show with Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, the seven-time Logie winner opened up about the surgery that forced her to take nine weeks off from filming Home and Away. Oh she is definitely her father’s daughter. And, while she admitted it was hard being away from work for so long, she said her Home and Away co-stars including Ray Meagher visited her and sent her messages and flowers. Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo on Home and Away. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide. "Physical obstacles really don’t have to define you," the popular TV star says. It’s so great to have Cameron back on the show – he’s a champion. Home and Away’s Georgie Parker wants the original Roo back to play her twin! “It was a big operation, it was bigger than I thought,” she revealed on the show. It is the shock twin plot twist that has engrossed fans of Home And Away and now, it looks like Owen Slater might be coming up with a big love tale. She’s a lovely girl – such a wonderful, interesting person.”. Working with Lukas has been an endless delight. “The sinkhole episode, when Roo found out her mother was alive and well, was another huge one. You can see more of Georgie Parker when The All New Monty: Guys and Gals continues Sunday night, 7pm on Seven. Pregnant Tracy hears worrying news from her sister Vanessa. Cameron Daddo and Georgie Parker, who play Owen and Roo Stewart on the soapie on Monday, spoke on The Morning Show and suggested some really interesting stuff for their characters coming up. Gillies told the former All Saints star she thought hip replacements were usually associated with people older than those in their 50s, and questioned the impact it had on Parker. “She understands why Evan’s come to the Bay and why he wants to make a connection.”, Roo Stewart warms to the charismatic Evan Slater… (Picture: Channel 5). With the worst of the pain over now, however, Parker joked she was now “part-robot” because her new hip was made of titanium. It’s not my bad hip, it’s my hip that has been operated on – and now I call it my good leg.". And that’s not the only connection that Evan makes as Roo is soon drawn to the talented drifter. That’s what I think.". Neighbours’ Jodi Anasta on potential Home and Away return and meeting her on-screen mum, Home and Away: “Alf tried to protect Roo from the truth about her mum” – Ray Meagher on fake death twist, Ex-Home and Away star talks potential Hugo and Martha return. Finding Martha didn’t erase all the things she felt and reasons behind her behaviour. And one of the show's stars, Georgie Parker, says that the cast and crew are keen to get back to work, and have been having virtual rehearsals to … So everything is compromised. “I was only contracted to do Evan,” Daddo said. Well there were Alf’s sisters, Auntie Celia and Auntie Morag, but they weren’t the warmest women on the planet were they?! News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Home and Away’s Georgie Parker reveals her secret nickname for Ray Meagher as she celebrates 10-year anniversary. ‘It’s a little bit heavier than the bone, so it’s getting used to moving that around,” she said. Am inclined to chat politics but only after we discuss Mariah Carey's octave range. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! How did you feel about joining Home and Away back in 2010? Unfortunately, when the hip loses that movement, your whole body acts like a splint. So could it go all the way down to the aisle? "I suppose as far as some people were concerned, I was handicapped or had a physical deformity – and in medical journals, scoliosis is called a deformity – and yet I don’t feel like that describes my body at all," she positively told the publication. Joan Sydney and Shane Porteous in A Country Practice come to mind. At the same time, in many ways, it felt like I was coming home.”. “I loved filming the seance recently with Emily, which brought Cameron (Daddo) back to the Bay, this time as Owen,” Georgie said.

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