No longer was it the muscle car icon of before, but it was now a luxury car. To manage all that speed, it had Brembo brake calipers. These are an LE (Limited Edition) with 2800 made in three different colors (silver, white and cream). In 1976 a Dodge Charger was one of two NASCAR stock cars to compete in the 24hrs at LeMans, having been modified with head-lamps, tail-lamps and windshield wipers.

Here’s mine, ’77, 400ci, 65k miles, unrestored, all original…in central WI. I find it a LOT more attractive than the standard Charger grille. In 1975 Dodge took the Charger into a completely different direction. First off this is a 1977 Charger.

Yellow with a Yellow interior. Reply if you want more info. 1975-1978 Dodge Charger SE specs. In 2006 it saw the release, and the SRT-8 version caught attention particularly. The Charger R/T was well and truly back in 2011 with the 7th generation.

They had some post assembly line modifications like the roof cap, grill and a few other things. In order for Dodge to be represented, NASCAR allowed the 1974 sheet metal to be used until January 1978, when the new Dodge Magnum was ready for race use. It has a 360 2Bob the roof is not the same as the Cordoba. Notify me of new comments via email. NEXT: Check Out These Sick Custom Dodge Chargers. I have seen one of these that was also painted white, it belonged to a customer of Dad’s shop, it had be wrecked and we (I was still working with him then) repaired it. But Wife already said no!!! As with previous generations, the 1975 Charger was offered with a variety of engines and in different trim levels like base, Sport, SE, and Daytona. Featuring a 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine, this beast could race from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds. I pulled the car out a a field for $75 in 1997 or so. 8 1978 Dodge Charger SE (Fourth Generation) In 1978, the Charger SE was also available in 318-2 V8 TorqueFlite engine that would produce 140-horsepower. This car is a 1977. It holds the honor of being the first NASCAR vehicle to cross the 200mph barrier. It also featured vented front disc brakes and was rather fun in the corners. It featured a 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine that would produce just 94-horsepower. It'll go on to reach a top speed of 175mph, and will handle all corners thanks to the two-mode active suspension. I sort of wish I still had that one. I had it repainted in red later on because the silver paint wouldn’t stay on it. In its final year, not quite 3,000 Charger Special Editions hit and left the lots, compared with nearly 48,000 Magnums. which is a good sign, no big box on side of aircleaner that says lean burn. 1978 Dodge Charger Pictures: See 1 pics for 1978 Dodge Charger. Of course this was in Georgia, where rust is not a significant problem. In 2015 the seventh generation of the vehicle came out with a facelift and fancy new 8-speed automatic transmission. Or subscribe without commenting.

The Shelby Charger would go on to achieve a top speed of 117mph. I would call the opera window treatment “distinctive,” as my mom told me not to call anyone’s baby ugly, and this has obviously been someone’s baby!

It was available in several trims, but the most coveted was the 426 Street-Hemi.

Tidbit: No 1975 Chargers were used in Nascar, as all Dodge teams kept their more aerodynamic ’74s this year. It’s really clean considering the excesses of the 1970’s and some of the Ford and GM models it was competing with. I call BS on that one. It is a 360 engine any other questions please feel free to call me at 608 617 7173 thanks Mel. It was upgraded to a Chrysler electronic ignition and a 780 Holley carb. Covers the Charger SE models. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. I’m digging the red interior, but with the name Charger Midnight and low production numbers, how did they not paint every car black? car bottom of the line in per.a very cheap car to start with to see if this opt. I did not feel the need to charge the a.c. on a car I seldom drive. Other than ’76, the model names of Charger SE or Charger Daytonas were the “strippiest” you were allowed to get.

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1978 dodge charger se

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